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Sunny Hill Festival

About Sahati

The 18 year-old Kosovar artist, has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues from a young age, Sahati has made dozens of appearances at festivals in Europe and Canada. Sahati's highly anticipated debut EP "post-kid" is now available on all streaming platforms.



Word on the Street

"The style of Sahati is distinguished by the naturalness of the word and rhythm, the concept of the chamber music and the message for the youth in general. She is a musician, instrumentalist, songwriter and the path of an artist with so much talent is already paved."

"The grooviness of Ego2Go fits perfectly with her adolescent, singing voice. Lyrically, Sahati expresses the realization that the people she thought she knew are not who they appear to be and figuring out who she wants to keep close to her."

"The definition of a multi-dimensional artists: she sings, plays the piano,  drums, bass, and writes her own lyrics. In a few words, she does it all"



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Toronto, ON, Canada

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